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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Plumbing Looked at by a Professional

best plumber in Denver

Looking to get your plumbing fixed? Here are 10 good reasons why you’re better off calling in a professional Denver plumber to look at your installation, rather than opting for DIY or a cheaper plumbing technician.

  1. Knowledge of Local Building Codes

If you buy a new house, you might not know exactly if every utility and installation is up to code. Trying to resell the house can turn into a nightmare without the help of a professional plumber who can check all the plumbing installations around the house to make sure they are installed according to the top standards.

Building codes can become extremely important if you’re selling your house and the buyer is having a professional appraiser over to do a thorough appraisal of your house. If the plumbing isn’t up to code, you might have to pay a lot of money to get it redone, or it could affect the price of your home a great deal.

  1. Insurance Claims

As with everything else that might break around your house as a result of a storm, flood, earthquake or any other natural calamity, the plumbing has to be checked out by a professional if you plan to get some compensation out of the whole matter.

Plumbing that was damaged by a natural catastrophe might not be an obvious assessment especially if the plumbing is old or worn out. The insurer could simply state that the plumbing was damaged before the appearance of any stressor and that the homeowner won’t be given any compensation because of that.

  1. Estimates Are More Accurate

Because of the high level knowledge and experience of a professional plumber, you’ll get better support when it comes to estimates and quotes. You can usually rely on their estimates to be very accurate, and they’ll also provide you with written estimates so you won’t have any unwanted surprises.

An accurate estimate is essential especially when the repair project is extensive and you have a tight budget to work with, as it will allow you to manage your money much better.

  1. You Save Money Over Time

This should be obvious, but by hiring the best plumber in Denver, you can rely on the fact that they’ll get the job done right so you won’t have to tinker with the plumbing all the time or spend a lot of money on subsequent repairs.

Imagine having a plumber over and then 2 months later your pipe breaks again, or you notice new leaks on the same installation. It’s not only frustrating, but you’ll waste a lot of time and money just by looking up and calling in new plumbers.

  1. Better Communication

Because professional and experienced plumbers know their craft very well, they’ll be able to explain it faster and better, even using laymen terms that everyone can understand. They’re also friendlier and more confident as they talk to you and suggest what course of action you should take.

You’ll find communication can be very important when you have to deal with plumbing problems, because otherwise you could end up spending more than you thought you had to, or the plumber could come up with “complications” that they hadn’t mentioned might appear.

Why Hiring A Professional For Fire Mitigation On Your Colorado Property Is A Good Idea

Good Idea Professional Fire Mitigation Wooded Area Home Property Safety

The Colorado foothills and mountain areas are certainly beautiful and they offer numerous truly picturesque spots for visiting. However, these spectacular spots and areas are also among the top 10 areas nationwide from the point of view of fire hazards, especially in summer, when dried vegetation combines with high winds and high temperatures. Hiring a fire mitigation service is an excellent way to identify fire hazards in your area as well as to implement the measures necessary for enhanced fire prevention, especially in mountain areas that pose an increased risk of forest fires, like Colorado. Here are some things to know about fire mitigation companies and how they can help you keep your home safe on the event of a fire.

What Does a Fire Mitigation Company Do?

Fire mitigation companies help property owners develop defensible spaces around the home. These spaces are developed in order to mitigate the harm caused by an eventual fire and the process involves the rearrangement of the vegetation on the landscape in a way to minimize the fire hazard and the effects of a fire. The mitigation process might also involve the replacement of combustible building materials, such as wood shake roofs and wooden siding panels, with materials that provide better protection from flames, such as metal.

The Benefits of Hiring a Fire Mitigation Company

The most obvious benefit of hiring fire mitigation professional is enhanced safety for your home, for your household as well as for your entire neighborhood, but there are other aspects that are also convincing:

  • Insurance-related considerations – there are over 330,000 households in Colorado that are at risk of fires, small wonder that insurance companies have implemented special requirements for the households that want their insurance policies to include fire insurance as well. Those measures include the development of a fire mitigation plan, the creation of defensible zones and other measures that fire mitigation companies can help with;
  • Buying a new home – when you buy a new home, you are required by the law to obtain a fire mitigation plan issued by your county. If the plan requires changes to be made on the landscape, such as the removal of trees, you will need professionals who understand both vegetation management and fire mitigation to help you put the plan into practice. When the plan has been implemented, your property will be visited by a forestry inspector to check the changes;
  • Ensuring that your defensible space is attractive – one of the fire mitigation Colorado Springs is home to will help you make your landscape not only safer, but more attractive as well. They will help you choose plants that are fire-resistant as well as attractive and they will also tell you how to take the best care of your landscape. Most companies work with experienced arborists who can check your existing trees to ensure that they are safe and healthy, ensuring that you and your household will continue to enjoy those trees for a long time and you will stay safe from wildfires, too.

The 7 Most Important Advantages of Installing a Metal Roof

Getting a metal roof might sound expensive to some homeowners. It’s true, not all metal is the same, and some materials are more expensive than others. If you opt for a brand new copper roof, that could cost a small fortune. Fortunately, Tyler TX roofing companies confirm that there are metals like aluminum and steel that will present you with a more affordable option.

Metal might surprise you overall. You’ll find that it has more qualities and positive traits than you’d previously assumed. So let’s take a look at some of these qualities below.

Metal Roofing Is Fireproof

One of the best things about opting for metal is that it can withstand fires for quite some time. With metals that can withstand temperatures of well over 1000 degrees before starting to melt, fires can be kept under control more easily and there will be plenty of time for the firefighters to arrive.

Lower Than Average Cost

As mentioned, steel roofs are more affordable than average. You can expect to spend anything from $3 to $5 per square foot for a steel roof, with a grand total of only about $400 on average for 100 sq. ft. worth of roofing material. While tin roofs can be a little more expensive at $5 to $15 per square foot, there are actually metal roofing systems that are even cheaper than steel. One of them is corrugated metal which can be available for a price as low as $1.80 per square foot.

Tyler TX roofing companies

Quick Installation

Dependable Tyler TX roofing companies will install your metal roof in no time. All they will need is a set of basic roofing tools, and the process will run very smoothly. In most cases, a small or average sized metal roof will need just 1-2 days to set up, and the work can even be done quite well by a less experienced roofer.

Affordable Repairs and Easy Maintenance

You won’t need a lot of money to fix a metal roof. The material is cheap, and the process is relatively straightforward. Also, there’s usually not much of a risk that the quality of the repair job would be below normal standards, even if you opt for a more affordable roofing service.

A Stylish and Customized Roof

The great thing about most metals is that it’s pretty easy to melt them into various shapes and create unique textures and forms that will look great on your roof. Although it’s more expensive, the possibility of setting up a customized metal roof is there, and with the right metals you can even mimic the appearance of a luxury natural slate or cedar roof.

Preventing Storm Damage

Asphalt shingles are not very durable, wood can be severely affected by water damage over time, and some tile roofs are pretty brittle when faced with the impact of hail and strong winds. Metal roofs are the only ones that are pretty much impervious to any of these issues, and they will come out on top if they’re properly built and maintained.

Durable Roofing

Finally, metal roofs are some of the most durable in the industry. Ceramic and slate roofing systems are known to last longer than metal, but they’re also quite expensive. Steel and corrugated metal roofs are known to last for more than half a century while still helping you avoid hefty repairs over time.

Do I Need a Smart Garage Door Opener?

We live in a word full of smart devices. They make our life easier, by automating many tasks we used to perform manually. At the same time, they are designed to ensure superior safety to residential and commercial properties. One such example is the smart garage door opener.

A History of Garage Openers

Science and technology have been working together for more than a century to create useful products for industrial and home use. The first electric garage door appeared as early as 1926. It required manual operation, but it was a far cry in terms of safety from the old carriage doors with lock and key.

Just a decade later, in the 1930s, the remote operated garage door was invented. This was a huge step forward in terms of convenience. Homeowners would carry a remote control in their cars and pushed a button to open their garage door.

The fast paced advancements of mobile technology and high speed internet have now brought us the latest trend: smart garage door openers.

What Is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

A smart garage door opener does the same thing as older models. Only, you do not need a remote control to open and close the garage door. You use your smartphone and a dedicated app to do it.

And that is not all: the smart garage door opener also connects to the internet and allows the user to monitor the door remotely and perform various tasks.

smart garage doors Denver

Types of Tasks You Can Perform with a Smart Garage Door Opener

Now for the big question: how smart is this type of garage opener? Smart garage doors Denver companies confirm that these are just a few things you can do if you have one:

  1. Check If the Door Is Open or Closed on the Mobile Phone

Do you always remember to close your garage door? Probably yes. But how many times did you experience the haunting fear that you may have forgotten it open? In some cases, you even drove back to check.

With a smart garage door opener, you simply open the dedicated app on your phone and check. And, if by accident the door is open, you can close and lock it with a tap.

  1. Integrate Your Garage Door in the Smart Home Automation System

Since the garage door opener connects to Wi-Fi, you can integrate it into a smart home system that automates various actions. One of the most popular such systems is IFTTT (If This Then That).

Thus, you can set your garage door to open as soon as you locked the main door to your home. Or you can get the security camera to start recording as soon as the garage door is opened.

  1. Connect the Smart Garage Door to a Digital Assistant

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have become a part of our lives. They are digital assistants – artificial intelligence entities we talk to on our phones to find out information and perform tasks by voice command.

By linking the smart garage door to your digital assistant, you can simply say “open” or “close” to operate the garage door. That’s “open, Sesame” in real life! Additionally, if you are away from home and the garage door opens, you can program the digital assistant to call the police.

Should You Get a Smart Garage Door Opener?

While the upfront cost is significant, the improved safety and convenience offered by smart garage door openers make it a valuable investment for your home. If you want to save money, you can opt for the add-on device, which connects to your current  conventional garage door opener.

What Does a Standard Furnace Maintenance Contract Typically Include?

When you get a new HVAC, you have a window of opportunity to get a great deal on furnace maintenance as well. In a lot of cases, the company that does the contracting work and installs your furnace will also be willing to provide you with a special long term offer just because you chose to hire them for the job.

The question is, are these contracts actually worth it? What is included in a standard furnace maintenance contract, and what should you really be looking for when considering such a service? We’ll approach these and other issues below.

Evaluating Your Furnace Maintenance Contract

A furnace maintenance contract basically says that the HVAC company you sign with commits to provide you with timely, good quality furnace maintenance work to keep your HVAC operating properly.

Depending on the contract you sign, the level of involvement that the company might commit to will differ, and while in some cases the work will just involve some basic maintenance such as checking for gas leaks and evaluating whether the pressure level and spark system works properly, in others you can also get advanced support for preventive care, air filter replacement and even some repair work included with your normal fee.

Some contracts will include at least some of the following points:

  • A discounted price that will allow you to get an all-in-one maintenance service for all the required maintenance operations associated with your HVAC’s annual tuneup;
  • Emergency repair services offered as part of the standard maintenance plan;
  • Maintenance services available for the entire HVAC system, including any ducts, vents, additional thermostats, pipes and heating elements present throughout the house;
  • Special safety checks that include checking for dangerous carbon monoxide levels and issues such as gas leaks or electrocution hazards.

heating repair Denver

Finding the Right Maintenance Service

In searching for proper support and assistance with your furnace maintenance, it’s essential that you look through the contract carefully and make sure that all the tasks you actually require help with will be included at a fair price. If you hire an HVAC specialist to install your system, but feel that their maintenance checklist is lacking or that their maintenance service is too expensive, it’s a good idea to decline their support for annual furnace maintenance and search for better options.

You might find that, while some services specialize in installing and repairing HVAC systems, they might not be as efficient or forthcoming in dealing with maintenance or emergency repairs. Others will provide you with the services you need for basic repairs and maintenance, but they might not have the manpower or expertise required for larger projects.

To find a good HVAC maintenance service for your furnace, make sure you look for local heating repair Denver experts who can help out at short notice. Aside from their expertise with the type of HVAC you have installed, you’ll find that they’re also knowledgeable about the most common issues you might come across in your area and that they already have quick fixes and insightful advice to offer even for some of the more complex and unique problems you might encounter.

How Do I Wade Through All the Roofers Trying to Win My Business?

Austin roofing

The roof on any type of business property is among the most expensive building components and also one that is critical for your business operations. If you are in the process of looking for a roofer to handle a specific roofing project for your commercial building, such as the repair of your old roof or the installation of a new structure, you are surely aware of the abundance of businesses that provide roofing services in your area. Having too many options can make the final choice quite difficult, so here are some tips about how to evaluate available contractors to ensure that the work performed on your roof is of the highest quality.

Check Roofer Credentials

Most types of building contractors, roofers included, need to be licensed and insured to be allowed to operate legally in the state in which they are registered, therefore checking licenses and insurances is an essential step in the process of evaluating the roofers to hire.

The Austin roofing company that is a great fit for your objectives is not only a properly licensed and insured business – it is also a business that has experience in providing the type of services that you need and that can prove their expertise with a portfolio of previous work. While evaluating roofers, ask to be provided references and to be shown photos of the projects accomplished by the roofer. If the roofer has previously installed any new roofs in your area, you can drive by those locations to check the quality of the roofs yourself. It is a good idea to check the roofer’s reputation as well – you can do that by asking around and by checking the opinions of the roofer’s previous clients on review websites and on rating websites.

Ask Questions

You need a roofer who communicates openly and is willing to answer the client’s questions about the roofing work. Take your time to prepare a list of questions and include the most important topics, such as the steps of the process, payment and material purchasing, site preparation, the size and the composition of the roofing team, the warranties provided by the roofer and the project duration. You need a roofer who is not only skilled and experienced, but communicative as well, so pay attention to the way that the candidate for your project answers your questions and hire the contractor that you think you can work with.

Get Cost Estimates

Ideally, you need three or four estimates from different Austin roofers to be able to make the best final decision. Take the time to evaluate and to compare the estimates in terms of final price, material quality, project duration and warranties and aim for the highest quality, rather than for the lowest price.

Draft a Contract

The cost estimate is an important document, but the most important piece of paper that you will need is the contract between your business and the Austin roofing company. The contract should include all the details of your agreement and any work should start only after the document is signed by you as well as by your roofer.

How To Find A Good Basement Remodeling Contractor

basement refinishing Centennial

Hiring a contractor for performing work on your home can be a pretty straightforward thing in the case of certain projects – plumbers work on your pipes and ducts, electricians work on the wires in your walls, your outlets and fixtures, masons build your fireplace or your floor. However, things are a bit different when it comes to remodeling your basement – for basement refinishing, you have two choices: you can either hire a general contractor who will manage the entire project and will coordinate the work of all subcontractors or you can hire a basement expert, a contractor that specializes in basement remodels. Whichever solution you choose, here are some of the features to look for when evaluating the contractors available in your area.

Localizing Available Contractors

Whether the most suitable solution for you is to work with a general contractor or with a specialist, the first thing to do is to localize the contractors available in your area. Tell everyone you know about your intention to remodel your basement – you will probably be surprised how many of the people you talk to have remodeled their basements with the help of basement refinishing Centennial contractors and how many recommendations you will get. Use online sources to check all the names recommended to you and also perform a search to find other contractors in your area – you will probably come across many great contractor websites as well as review websites and forums where you can check independent reviews and opinions.

The larger your pool of options, the better the results, so put together a list with all the companies and contractors that seem suitable for your project and start contacting them for a personal meeting to find out about the contractor’s experience with the type of project that you want to accomplish.

Experience in the Area of Basement Remodeling

Basement renovation poses some special challenges that are not encountered with remodeling projects performed over the ground. Basement refinishing projects need to observe special building code regulations and the problems that need to be fixed are also different from regular home renovation jobs, therefore the contractor that you hire for your basement needs to be experienced in the field. To be sure that your contractor has the right type of experience, you can ask the contractor to show you their references as well as their portfolio and you can also check the contractor’s license and online reputation. Checking out the contractor’s longevity in the business is also a great idea – if the enterprise has been prospering for a long time, the contractor surely has many happy previous customers.

Personal Impression and Written Cost Estimates

You should never neglect what your gut instinct is telling you. While talking to contractors, evaluate them from the point of view of helpfulness and willingness to answer your questions and also evaluate them in terms of how much trust they inspire. A good and reliable basement refinishing Centennial contractor is also willing to provide a detailed and accurate cost estimate for your project and they should also be willing to sign a contract that summarizes the details of the project – it is a very important aspect that should not be neglected.

When to Hire Remodeling Contractors

When To Hire Remodeling Home ContractorsMany homeowners take pleasure in handling smaller or larger renovation projects around the home. The tasks that are most commonly undertaken by home DIY enthusiasts include interior and exterior painting, fixture replacement, cabinet and furniture refreshing projects and landscaping, but not all homeowners enjoy such tasks. If you are aware that your home needs some TLC, but you don’t have the time, the energy or the dexterity to do it, here are some of the most important benefits of hiring contractors for the project.

Work Done Faster

Remodeling contractors don’t learn how to perform specific remodeling tasks when they are faced with the task in your home – they already possess the professional knowledge necessary for the task. They also have the right tools to perform the work processes in an efficient manner, so if you want your remodeling done quickly and professionally, hiring contractors is the best way.

Superior Quality

Hiring remodeling contractors is also the best way to ensure the quality of the remodeling work. This is especially important if the remodeling involves work done on the electric system, the plumbing or the heating system in your home – the tasks performed on these systems requires professional knowledge that only an experienced contractor has.

Hiring contractors for your remodel is especially useful if the planned renovation involves work performed in multiple rooms, including spaces that fulfil various roles, such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the family room. Painting, plumbing, electrical repairs and rewiring or flooring work are trades that specialized contractors learn for long years, so you cannot expect yourself to acquire all that knowledge in a couple of days, from scratch.

Knowing Exactly How Much the Project Will Cost You

If you have ever tried any home remodeling, you surely know how difficult it is to stay within the assigned budget – amateur home renovators are usually faced with the problem of failing to budget for the items that they ruin during the installation process or of not calculating correctly the amount of materials necessary for a specific process. Hiring a professional for your remodeling process will solve the problem easily: remodeling contractors know exactly how much of each type of material is needed and they can provide accurate cost estimates.

Better Solutions

Amateur DIYers often fail to correctly assess the features of the space to be remodeled and try to execute designs that don’t suit their rooms or that are not functional. Hiring remodeling contractors Denver area solves this issue, too: honest, professional contractors usually have a great sense of style and they will also tell you if your design will not make you happy on the long run.

Contractor Options

If you are planning a renovation project that involves only one or two of your home’s systems, such as the plumbing and the electric wiring or the heating and the electrical fixtures, you can start looking for individual contractors, but if your project is more complex and it involves your entire home, it may be a good idea to look for a general contractor who will be responsible for coordinating all the work phases through subcontractors and will also ensure that the materials used are of the best quality and come for the best price.

What to Look for in a Roofing Company

roofing companies in Centennial ColoradoAs a homeowner, you will have to worry about replacing your roof maybe only once or twice in your lifetime, which means that most people do not really know what to do and how to find a trustworthy roofing company. However, it is crucial to do your homework and take your time to find reputable roofing companies in Centennial Colorado and ensure you do not get scammed by a shady roofing contractor.

Investing in a roof installation or replacement project is expensive and you need to be sure that you get quality for the money you pay. A properly installed roof must keep you protected for a very long time.

Here is what to look for in a roofing company.


License is the first aspect to consider, because it acts as a guarantee that the roofer received proper training and is skilled to perform roof work. Currently, not all states require roofing contractors to be licensed, but you should still take time to find one with a license.


Insurance is another requirement that must not be ignored. A roofing company must carry up to date workers’ compensation and liability insurance, for protection in case of accidents – which are not uncommon in the roofing business.

Local address and professional website

A roofing company with a valid local address is most likely not a fly-by-night contractor. Besides, having a professional website is a proof of the company`s preoccupation for its image. A non-existent website may indicate a subpar contractor. On the other hand, a professional website that offers comprehensive information about the roofing company and the provided services help prospective clients to feel more confident.

Company`s past work

As we said before, for a professional Centennial roofing company, reputation is everything, so any reliable roofer should be happy to show their portfolios to prospective clients and get them familiar with its previous projects. Portfolios and testimonials from previous clients should be included in the company`s website, considering that nowadays most people use the internet to find information and third party reviews about different businesses offering the services they need.

On the other hand, be skeptical about roofers that show nothing but five-star ratings and superlative reviews, because a company that performs thousands of roof works each year will surely also encounter some problems now and then.

Better Business Bureau Rating

BBB is a great information resource for prospective customers. You can check companies` ratings, customer complaints and the way they have been or have not been solved.


This is the word that resumes a reliable roofing contractor. Stay away from impatient or rude employees or company`s representatives; look for great communication skills and availability to address all your questions and concerns. A professional roofer will always be willing to offer you multiple choices to meet your needs.

Stay away of companies who seem very pushy to make you sign a contract; established companies do not need to force sales.


Besides product warranties, you must also receive workmanship warranty for any kind of roofing operations. A warranty is like a badge of honor, being a proof that the company is willing to stand behind its work.


Exterior Painting Explained: Is Brush Painting Better Than Sprayer Painting?

Spray Painting HouseBrush painting has long been considered the traditional way to paint your home. Since back in the day, the brush used to be the main “power tool” designed for the job, most people who like to stick to tradition still prefer it today.


However, is the speed and the ability to cover tricky spots that define sprayer painting actually better than the traditional approach? Or should you just stick to your brush instead of using sprayer painting to seemingly ease your job? The answer might be more difficult to find than we can imagine at first.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Both Methods


Brush painting might seem like the way to go for some, since it allows for a quicker start time, less masking and better attention to detail. Using a brush will also allow you to customize the thickness of your coating over specific areas, and provide you with a means to gauge the amount of paint you use per square foot.


On the other hand, brush painting can be more physically demanding for homeowners, and it can also be somewhat slower, depending on the painting method as well as the type of paint that you use.


The main benefit of spray painting is that it allows you to cover some of the most difficult locations with remarkable ease. With the help of a sprayer, you can get through various obstructions such as wires, pipes and utility lines more quickly and easily. Moreover, sprayer painting tends to be much faster than brush painting, once you’ve masked and taped everything up, and is what a professional Highlands Ranch painting company uses.


The disadvantage of sprayer painting is that the cover up can be more difficult, since everything within several feet has to be covered thoroughly. Also, spraying actually uses about three times as much paint as brush painting, since the sprayer turns the paint into tiny droplets, not all of which end up on the surface of your home’s exterior, where you want them.


Using Less Paint While Spraying or Brush Painting


The showdown between sprayer and brush painting ultimately has to do with the amount of paint you can end up using with each method. If you can somehow lower the amount of paint used while spray painting, that method will actually be more efficient and beneficial than brush painting.


Brush painting can normally allow you to reduce the amount of paint you use to about 1 gallon per 400 square feet or even more. Although this is largely an estimation, most homeowners who have tried this method agreed that it was true. The thickness of the paint you use is basically the only factor that can increase the amount of paint you have to use per square feet.


However, there are ways to improve the 1:3 ratio associated with sprayer painting, which would normally require about a gallon of paint per 150-200 square feet. By avoiding using the sprayer painting method during windy days, making sure you pump the remaining paint back into the can after finishing the job, and standing closer to the surface of the wall while painting, you can normally lower the amount you have to use with this method to a considerable extent.

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