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How to Get Rid of Brown Patches on Your Lawn

The lawn around your house can be a beautiful asset, but every lawn owner knows that the grass needs constant attention and even if you mow it, water it and treat it the way you should, it can quickly turn brown and dry – if you have been wondering what you can do to solve the problem, here are our top tips about how to get rid of brown patches on your lawn.

brown spots an dead grass requiring lawn care

What Causes the Brown Patches

The most common cause of the brown patches that affect lawns is the infestation with a fungus called Rhizoctonia. The fungus is not very picky, but very quick and hardy – it affects a large variety of grass species, it can appear suddenly and it spreads seemingly unstoppably.

What the fungus needs for being able to thrive is high temperature, the presence of high humidity and high amounts of nitrogen – in other words, it needs summertime, when lawns are watered and fertilised regularly. The disease gets into the blades of grass through the wounds caused by mowing, so unfortunately, well-cared for lawns are at a higher risk of developing brown patches.

How to Heal Your Lawn and How to Prevent Brown Patches in the Future

The lawns affected by brown patch disease are a sorry sight but, according to Denver landscapers, there are many things you can do to save it:

  • Establish a watering schedule – too frequent and superficial watering increases the lawn’s level of humidity, but leaves the deeper layers of the soil dry, creating favourable conditions for the fungus. Water the lawn only every 3-4 days and make sure the deeper layers of the soil become wet, too. Early morning, between 5AM and 9AM, when the air is not very hot yet, is the best time for watering your lawn because it gives the grass sufficient time to absorb the water (watering in the evening leads to the accumulation of too much water in the soil because the air at night is more humid).
  • Mowing to proper height – cutting the lawn to a height that allows the free movement of air between the blades stops the fungi from spreading by removing the moisture that the disease needs to thrive.
  • Proper thatching – make sure that the layer of thatch on your lawn is not too thick. Thick thatch prevents the air from penetrating the soil, thus providing favorable circumstances for fungi to appear and to proliferate.
  • Proper fertilization – the fungus needs nitrogen to thrive, so applying too much fertilizer can promote the spreading of the disease.

There is one more thing you can do to prevent the appearance of brown patches in the future: use the right type of turf. Brown patch disease is known to affect most types of lawn, but some varieties are more resistant than others.

These ideas about how to get rid of brown patches on your lawn have been tried by many turf owners and they have been found efficient in combating one of the most debilitating lawn diseases – hopefully, you will find them useful, too.

5 Reasons Why Home Improvement Plans Are Beneficial


All of us want our houses to look at its best especially if we own that roof. Even though if we realise the importance of home improvements we hardly spend the time to think about turning that thought into reality as we fear the cost that we might have to incur. This is one of the predominant reasons why we push the idea of improving the looks and value of your house. There are always ideal ways to finance it and here are the top 5 benefits of home improvement.

Makes the house look pleasant:

The most important benefit of turning around the look of the house and investing home improvement project is that you make the house more beautiful and presentable than before. Home is where the heart is, and that is the always the last place that you would want to hit at the end of the day and a pleasant looking house is definitely heaven when you have had a long day. So home improvement is worth your time and money.

Proper use of the provisions:

Sometimes you might have a lot of provisions that can be used in the house and you might never have noticed it. These provisions are usually the ones in the kitchen and bathroom. In the event that you bring on a professional to plan on your home improvement, he will identify such unused provisions and help you make the ideal use of it.

Proper Utilisation of Space:

Just the like the existing provisions that you haven’t been using there can also be unused spaces in the house that can be used as a result of getting into home improvement and remodelling. A lot of unused spaces are usually found in the corners of the house, and that is as a result of the improper planning during construction. So make proper use of this home improvement opportunity and put these spaces to use.

Loft conversion:


This is one opportunity that you get only as a benefit of home improvement plans. You must think that you need a couple of lofts to fill your things with but might end up never using them. So now when you are looking for home improvement plans, the first thing that you have to do is to turn that into an interesting space that your kids can use, or even a library and that can have a ladder attached to it. This way you are making the house better.

Increase the value of the house:

This one is something that you didn’t expect. If not in the near future at least in the distant future we will always want to sell the house and make money out of it. At least this would become true, and you keep passing the property through generations. An updated house will great, and improved looks always have a better. While the other house in the same locality sells out for a considerably less cost, you are definitely going to make a lot of money. Ideal home improvements increase the value of the house.

5 Home Improvement Ideas That Can Increase The Value Of Your House


House is one property that you might not choose to sell even in the long run unless there is a financial crunch that requires it. In the event that you sell the house, different home improvement ideas can really help you increase the value of the house. Least you know that home improvement can increase the value of your house. So in the event that you are looking forward to increasing the value of your house, then here we are listing some of the major home improvement ideas that can increase the value of your house.

Ideas that increase the value of your house:

Basic light and spacing:

The basic light and spacing of the house is the first factor that adds value to your house. Any house that has great lighting and ideal space that can accommodate a decent number of people will add to the value of the house, even if it has lived for a period that you can imagine. Most of us fail to notice this when we sketch out the basic planning of the house. That is why when the construction is done, and we lose value due to the incapacitated housing facility.

Focus on the basement:

Again this is one factor that most of fail to follow. Basement can be one of the least used spaces that factor changes between people. However, since we are not using it on a regular basis, or have your guests pulled in there, we always tend to leave it unfinished and give it the least priority when we are constructing the house. On the other hand, if you wish to increase the value of your house, always have the basement full-furnished.

Keep your kitchen in the best condition:


In simple terms, it would mean to keep your kitchen updated with the most advanced amenities. Leave it as it is when you are selling, and we assure that you can simply double the value that you spent. This is one of the biggest advantages of keeping your kitchen updated. The kitchen is one space that people wish it could be convenient and luxurious and we say that it is worth the money that you spend.

Make it appealing:

Make the look of the house appealing and attractive. You need have to spend a lot on it. Most people fail to understand the fact that beauty is not equal to spending a lot of money. All you have to do is to keep it tidy and learn to do some DIY stuff. This way you can complete the look of the house. Make your own decors and improve the look of the house. Keep shuffling the decors and give it a seasonal appearance. This way when you have visitors, you can always have them baffled.

Do not forget to upgrade your bathroom:

After the kitchen, the next important space is your bathroom. This is because that is where people expect a lot of conveniences and luxurious and well-kept bathroom and washroom spaces are always going to draw a lot of attention. Keep it technically sound, and it shall maintain its own beauty.

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